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Examen Ingles Internacionalizacion 2008

The $5 trillion mess

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were created by Congress to help more Americans buy homes. Now their shaky condition threatens the entire housing market. By Katie Benner, writer Last Updated: July 14, 2008: 1:16 PM EDT
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Examen Ingles Internacionalizacion 2009

What makes a successful business person? Business people who are tops in their field have a lot in common, and art professionals can learn a lot from their successes and strategies

I have a theory on doing business. If my business is good, it’s not because of the weather, the time of year or the economy. It’s because of me. I’m doing something right. If my business is bad, it’s not because of the weather, the time of the year or the economy. It’s because of me. I’m doing something wrong. Somebody is always buying something from somebody, so how can I make them buy from me?
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Examen oral inglés – Becas Informática 2011

Scientific test shows drinkers cannot tell difference between cheap and expensive wines

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Examen oral inglés – Becas Informática 2011

European Union regulators have fined consumer products firms Unilever and Procter & Gamble €315.2m ($456m) for fixing washing powder prices in eight EU countries.

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Examen inglés – Becas Informática 2011

Small ads, big business but not for the local paper

«Wanted – new source of income for ailing industry. Anything reasonable considered.» For decades, classified ads similar to that were the lifeblood of local newspapers – or the «rivers of gold» as the veteran newspaper man Roy Greenslade described it to me.
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Examen inglés becas informática 2010

Computer security
Loose clicks sink ships
The sounds of typing can be decoded

Apr 12th 2010 | From The Economist online
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Exámenes chino, arabe y ruso. CECO 2009

Examen francés 2007

L’Occident ? Un monde clos sur lui-même
Jean-Claude Guillebaud*

Partout, de Pékin à Hanoi, Mexico ou Lagos, l’abondance, la liberté individuelle, la musique, la télévision et la consommation effrénée suscitent une attirance et une volonté d’imitation. Le capitalisme séduit, la modernité éblouit et provoque la convoitise. Pourquoi le nier ? Pourquoi s’en plaindre ?
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Examen portugués 2006

O denominador comum para o desenvolvimento dos mercados africanos, em especial dos Países de Língua Oficial Portuguesa, resume-se a uma avaliação das capacidades de cada Estado, tendo em vista um maior crescimento. Esta foi a nota dominante da I Conferência realizada pela revista “África Hoje”, em Lisboa.
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Examen alemán 2006

Dies ist die Geschichte von einem Riesen. Er hat klein angefangen, ist ziemlich schnell gewachsen und wurde groß und kräftig. So kräftig, dass ihn mancher für unerschütterlich hielt. Doch mit den Jahren wurde der Riese etwas schwerfällig. Er musste sich gegen kleinere, aber flinkere Konkurrenten behaupten und geriet dabei in schweres Wetter. Bis er sich auf seine eigentliche Stärke besann: die Kraft intelligent einzusetzen. Und immer darauf zu achten, dass Größe allein keine Garantie fürs Überleben ist.
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